[WatchYouCheat] Cadence Lux (Spicing Things Up / 11.16.2022)

Cadence Lux arrives home from a night out with her boyfriend, Will Pounder, and his best friend Alex Mack. They get settled on the couch, with Alex and Will recounting old stories from college. Cadence hangs to the side, something obviously on her mind. She then casually motions for Will to come to speak with her privately in the kitchen. While the unsuspecting Alex lounges in the next room, Cadence and Will discuss a quite unorthodox idea. It is revealed that Will has given permission for Cadence to fuck Alex, on the condition that he watches. Cadence is deeply attracted to Alex but makes sure one last time that Will is okay with it. He assures her that he is, and they go back to the living room. Back with Alex, they reveal their plan to him, offering him the opportunity to make love to Cadence. He’s at first bewildered but, after confirming with Will that it won’t ruin their friendship, agrees to dive in. Cadence and Alex make out, slowly undressing each other, eventually embarking on a passionate session of spicy, erotic sex– all while Will watches.

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