[SwallowBay] Blake Blossom (Blakes Lust Sweets VR – ReEncode To Normal / 08.01.2023)

Guys, some of you might think at first that the former is preferable. Yet, let’s ponder it for a minute or two, shall we? Diamonds, gold, or other bling… Sure, they are cool, at least at the first glance. We all know why. They are so shimmering, so beautiful, so valuable. However, just think for a second – can you jerk off with their help? Or, even better – can they create for you a sloppy blowjob VR porn video? Because Blake Blossom VR can (in fact, very easily) and she’s great at it. Okay, “great” is an obvious understatement here, no doubt. After all, when you commune with a chick who’s an expert in the field of doggy style VR, you should show her a well-deserved deference. Blake has been in the business of pleasing men when most of you guys were still in diapers. Needless to say, we are leaving you in good hands. As soon as the hungry tongue of Blake lands upon your shaft, you will be helpless. This girl knows better than anyone else how to please a guy like you. Luckily, she decided to showcase her singular massage VR abilities on Swallowbay tonight. Blake has found herself here for the second time already. To tell you the truth, after she landed a part in Swallowbay’s body cumshot VR porn videos for the first time, she couldn’t forget about it. The feeling of being entirely covered with your semen was too much for her young mind. She would wake up in the middle of the night just to find her hand deep inside her pussy, pleasing herself while thinking about you. No one is able to forget such an encounter. It goes without saying, that she’s come here for the replay of the entertainment had here. Will you help her? Right, we are not modest. But we’ve got a good reason for that. After all, wouldn’t you boast if you had such a hottie as Blake Blossom on your board? It seems inconceivable to us. Blake has everything an attractive woman can dream about – beautiful, natural boobies. A beefy butt that was created by god to be squizzed in your hands. A silhouette of which many models would be envious. And now think – all of that is at your disposal in these big tits VR porn videos. Missing out on such an opportunity would be abominable to any of us. Don’t let it bypass you. Show this horny babe what should be done with your piece of equipment and she will gladly obey. And enjoy yourselves, of course – in VR touching tits is only one of the things you can do. Blake won’t resist anything.

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