[PureTaboo] Reagan Foxx (All We Have Is Each Other / 11.01.2022)

Danny (Sam Solo) is a quiet, shy college student who has decided to return home for the summer to live with his stepmom, Nancy (Reagan Foxx). Even though they are not related, Nancy has always been a loving parental figure to Danny and seemed so lonely and isolated on the family’s ranch. When he arrives, Nancy is so grateful to have the company and helps Danny settle in. But, over the course of the following days, a series of unfortunate events happens to Danny. His glasses break, impairing his eyesight. Nancy tries to tape them together, but they fall apart. Then, Danny burns his hands on the stove. Nancy helps bandage him up, but he can no longer grip anything. Danny tries to take a shower but she has to help him wash himself, before offering to put lotion on his body. Danny has an allergic reaction and becomes so itchy that he can’t wear any clothing. When Nancy tries to help him out of the bathroom, he slips and injures his ankle, rendering him unable to walk. At her wits end, Nancy tries to call the doctor but no one answers. She will simply have to take care of her beloved stepson herself.
Perhaps that was the plan all along.
Naked and propped up in bed, Nancy dotes on Danny. She is so loving and caring that Danny unintentionally gets hard. It’s embarrassing. But, not for Nancy. She is happy to help take care of Danny in whatever way she can…
And she does.

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