[PureTaboo] Penny Barber, Coco Lovelock (Pampering Our Sitter / 06.13.2023)

Chelsea (Coco Lovelock) arrives at a luxurious house, enviously admiring it while reflecting on how rough her life is right now, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her parents. She then meets Lydia (Penny Barber) and Anthony (Seth Gamble), a married couple, who warmly invite her inside. Lydia and Anthony begin interviewing Chelsea, seemingly to be their new babysitter. Chelsea is earnest and honest, though she unintentionally reveals a hint of an unhappy home life during the conversation. As the interview continues, it seems like Lydia and Anthony don’t have a family yet but are in the process of trying to conceive. That’s when Chelsea starts to become weirded out by their doting mannerisms, especially when they start asking her strange, personal questions. Lydia and Anthony soon reveal that they don’t intend to have their own family — they want HER to be their family! They promise that they’ll take good care of Chelsea if she’ll help them live out their family fantasy. Although Chelsea’s shocked by all of this, she soon becomes tempted by the idea of a new, perfect life…

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