[NickMarxx] Stella Sedona (Breeding on the First Date / 09.06.2023)

I don’t know how I ended up in the small town in Edison, NJ but I flew out to go on a date with this ginger head woman with a nice phat ass @stellesedona . The date was cool, she was a bit nervous which was expected me being who I am and her being her I can see why. Then all os a sudden her boyfriend which I didn’t know she had pops up and introduces himself. Basically explains that I was talking to him the whole time and their into this #cuckold #breeding stuff and at that point I was zoned out and was thinking to myself how the fu— did I get in this situation. I’ve already spent close to $1,000 for flight, rental car, food, my time and hotel. So I’m like whatever I’m not going to leave with my time wasted. So we ended up recording the sex with him in the room recording and I might say he’s good with the angles. She begged for a cum so I gave her the famous cream pie.

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