[NickMarxx] Brenna Mckenna (Exxxotica Miami Pornstar Chose Me to Fuck / 08.11.2023)

My first time ever going to exxxotica was in Miami. I purchased the 3 day VIP badge so I could get in all the after parties, seminars and VIP lounge. I was walking around by myself just checking out pornstars booths, just amazed at what I was looking at through my eyes. As couple hours go by and I was about to leave this girl @brennamckenny jumps off the pole and says “your hot are your a pornstar?” Now at this time I maybe recorded two videos but I didn’t lie I said no I just started my onlyfans and she was like “Let’s shoot while Im here for exxxotica” In my head I’m thinking like wtf no way, but of course I said yes. We exchanged info she cancelled on me the night of and ended up coming because she got cancelled on the last day from another content creator so in all actuality she wasn’t even planning to shoot with me because I didn’t have a big name. I had her squirting all over the fucking place, saying “I never had anyone fuck me like this before OMG” I fucked her for about a hour straight until she couldn’t take it anymore. She also told me she was married but whatever.

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