[MrPOV] Emma Rosie (My BFs Old Man / 11.02.2022)

Ever since the first time your son introduced you to his new girlfriend, Emma Rosie, things have been a little… weird. Has Emma been giving you “the eye”…or is it just your imagination? Like when you take them out to dinner. Or when Emma walks by you in the hall (always dressed like a slut) on her way home. Or when they’re gaming and your son is super into the video game and Emma has her eyes on…you? It’s been happening for a while, and now that Emma’s 18, things are getting really weird. Like when Emma walks into your bedroom while you’re reading a book. Then seduces you. Tells you “your son is passed out and I need attention!” Soon you discover all three of Emma’s holes need attention, too! But what if your son walks into your room right after you nut?! Emma’s got your jizz all over her! Then what?!?

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