[ModernDaySins] Vanessa Vega (Cum Gluttons: Virgins’ Squirt Scare / 07.09.2023)

Apollo Banks and Vanessa Vega, a couple, are nervously waiting in an exam room. After a few moments, Arabelle Raphael enters and greets them pleasantly. As they exchange greetings, it’s revealed that Arabelle is a doctor at this walk-in clinic and will be taking care of Vanessa and Apollo today. When she asks what she can do for the couple, the couple explains that when they were getting frisky, Vanessa started ‘leaking’ from her vagina. Worried about her health, they came here. Did they do something wrong? Is Vanessa going to be okay?? Arabelle looks sympathetically at them and shakes her head. ‘Oh… the sexual education in this country…’ she says with a sigh. She then smiles, placing her hand reassuringly on Vanessa’s knee, and assures Vanessa that there is NOTHING wrong with her at all. In fact, the ‘leaking’ that Vanessa described is something called ‘squirting’- or ‘orgasmic transurethral expulsion’, to be exact. Arabelle explains that not ALL women can do it, but for those that can, it’s perfectly natural. The couple is visibly relieved, though they have many questions. Arabelle starts answering their naive questions about squirting, though sees that the couple is still a bit uncertain. Arabelle considers the situation and then suggests that, if they’re up for it, she’d be willing to guide them through a sexual experience. They can learn about squirting together in a safe space and, that way, Vanessa and Apollo will feel better equipped to handle it when it comes up in the future. Although Apollo and Vanessa are shocked, this is a learning opportunity they can’t pass up!

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