[LoveHerFeet] Sumire Mizukawa (Graduation Gift / 08.11.2023)

Graduation is a joyous occasion, especially if one ends school at the top of the class like Sumire Mizukawa. Despite the happy event, Erik Everhard feels a bit upset. As Sumire’s professor, Erik can’t help but feel proud of the beautiful Asian’s achievements. However, he also feels sad that he needs to bid his farewell to the slender cutie. Erik will definitely miss his top student. He will notice the absence of the most beautiful, intelligent, and cutest girl when he’s in school. Sumire can’t help but smile when Erik compliments her feet. Due to the constant stream of praise, Erik sweeps Sumire off her feet. Hearing Erik’s positive words makes Sumire feel happy and horny. Wanting to make more memories with her professor, Sumire decides to let him have a closer look at her sexy feet. Erik immediately runs his hands all over Sumire’s feet. He adores her cute toes with his right hand while his other hand firmly holds Sumire’s heels. Unable to control his lust anymore, Erik starts giving Sumire the foot worship she deserves. He licks Sumire’s soles before sucking her toes. The gold toenail polish looks great against Erik’s lips. Sumire shows off her flexibility as she joins Erik in licking her feet. She gives her professor a blowjob and footjob before riding his cock in soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Sumire’s sweet moans fill the room as Erik fucks her while spooning her on the couch. She kisses her feet while enjoying the feeling caused by Erik’s hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Erik tirelessly fucks his best student on the couch until he feels like cumming. The horny stud pulls his cock out of the tight pussy and blasts his cum all over Sumire’s sexy feet. Sumire teasingly rubs her feet against each other, spreading the creamy jizz on her soles, toes, and arches.

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