[LezBeBad] Kenna James, Ariel X (Boss Bitch / 08.11.2023)

Kenna James arrives for a 1-on-1 job interview with a prospective employer, Ariel X. This boss doesn’t mince words- she needs an employee who can handle her needs… no matter how wild and UNIQUE they are. Kenna’s a real go-getter though, and urges Ariel to let her prove herself. She’s determined to show Ariel that she’ll be a valuable asset to her workforce. Ariel likes that spirit, and puts Kenna through her paces by having wild, rough sex with her right then and there in the office. First, Ariel has Kenna tie her to her office chair and then slowly edge her. After that, Kenna puts a ball gag in Ariel’s mouth and rubs her clit with a vibrator. Still tied to the chair, Ariel squirts all over a large mirror, which has been conveniently placed in front of her so that she can see the entire show. Finally, Kenna ties a strap-on over Ariel’s face and has Ariel fuck her pussy with it… up close and personal. By the end of it, it’s clear that Ariel’s impressed by Kenna’s tenacity and out-of-the-box thinking. If there’s anything for certain, it’s that Kenna made one heck of an impression. Hopefully, she’ll hear back soon!

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