[KissMeFuckMe] Serene Siren, Kayley Gunner (Let’s Stay Together / 06.03.2023)

Serene Siren has brought Kayley Gunner over to a house that she’s thinking of buying. The house is magnificent, with high ceilings, an immaculate design, and tons of natural light. The owners have already accepted Seren’s initial offer, so she has a week to decide if she wants it or not. Kayley’s quite excited since if Serene ends up purchasing this house, she’ll be a lot closer to her… They inch closer together, and there’s the distinct sense that these two have some unfinished intimate business together. Their eyes meet and the familiar spark of lover and attraction erupts between them. Serene opens up about her feelings: she never meant to break up with Kayley. She just… wasn’t in the right headspace to pursue something serious. But now, she wants to PROVE to Kayley just how committed she is. And this house is just the first step on the path to winning back Kayley’s heart. They kiss deeply and decide to stay together awhile for a passionate and sensual encounter.

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