[JapornXXX] Melody Marks (I Summoned A Succubus And A Pussycat Game / 11.19.2022)

Trouble arises for Shun Sakuragi, when he attempts to summon a sexy succubus, but instead he summons a cat in Melody Marks. He’s pretty sure that she is a “cat demon”. Not at all what he wanted. When he attempts to send her back where she came from, Melody is stubborn, and won’t budge in the least bit. She refuses to go home, soon saying that Shun must make a reservation with her, or a deal if you will. The horny kitty, of course wants he to have sex with her. Shun is initially hesitant, but as Melody, the cat comes onto him, it leads into a full-blown sexual encounter between the two. Kissing would lead to Shun sucking on her tits, prior to having a hand on her clit, before Melody rips open her fishnet stockings. Next, Shun would go in between her legs to go at the pussy’s pussy. It’s brief, because work with his fingers would soon take over. Shun eventually causes Melody to climax. After this, she would want to return the favor to Shun, and so it’s to she sucking his cock, before she would be on all fours. This, as she offer herself up to him. This would go to doggy, as Shun takes her from behind. It would be a position where he would work up an increasing pace. The next position would be spoon. Likewise he would keep up a steady pace. Following this, he would go into the missionary position. Initially, Melody would be folded up as Shun pound it in. This while she have her legs spread wide. Melody, would then, next go into sucking cock, prior to climbing on to ride in cowgirl. First, she leans all the way forward, as she pops up and down at a quick pace. However eventually, she would lean back, and spread her legs, as Shun would soon fuck her hard. It would make for a return to the doggy position next, as Shun would half-straddle to pound it in. Lastly, back to missionary, as the kitty, Melody wants more, much to Shun’s surprise. Here, he would keep it going, resulting in him building up, until he must cum. He does so, by depositing a load, deeply inside of Melody’s pink pussy. Thus, ending things with an interracial creampie finish!

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