[JapanHDV] Miyu Shiina (Art student posing nude with her legs spread open / 11.14.2022)

Miyu Shiina loves art and is a very good artist. You might remember her from this fantasy of hers. She loves to draw and really loves to draw the human body. She is enrolled in classes that are helping her develop her talent. The teacher has approached her and asked her to help out with next weeks class and model for it as they are low on models. She will be modeling nude and her classmates will be able to depict her in the poses that they have seen on the historical art they have been studying. They begin the class and she poses for the students as they draw her. She is asked to do many erotic poses for the class so they can draw with accuracy the female genitalia. She looks lovely as she sits in a chair and spreads her legs wide for the class to get a good look at her spread open pussy lips. The students are of course happy to see such a lovely specimen of a female so they can really perfect their skills in drawing the female body. Some male models are also introduced into the class and they are going to be posing next to her nude as well. The male model is standing so close to her and his cock is almost in her face. She looks at it and begins to hunger for it. You can see in her eyes that she is wanting that cock and her mouth is beginning to water. Her pussy is now getting moist wanting that hard cock in her mouth!

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