[HotMILFsFuck] Lizzie (Revenge Sex. I Want It. I Need It / 09.07.2023)

“I love to Suck Cock. I just love it,” is what today’s hot Milf by definition Lizzie stated during her little chitchat interview before today’s festivities got underway. Well we love that you’re a Cock-Sucking aficionado and after we start to peel away the layers of this woman we find out she’s here for revenge. Revenge Sex to be exact because the only way to get back at the father of your three kids under the age of 5 who cheated on you with a girlfriend from church is to obviously answer an add on the internet to get the shit fucked out of you while being used like a ditty little whore that you claim to be. And, yes there’s more, to have it video recorded for the purpose of the World Wide Web audience to view it. FOREVER! That will show him alright, and it’s also probably the best way to mend things up if that’s your goal, which it should be, since the love and support of both parental units TOGETHER under the same roof is what’s in the three little ones best interest during these turbulent and trying times. Really thought this one through didn’t you, but you’re here so we might as well give you your money’s worth and that’s exactly what Tyler Nixon did. Also glad you didn’t wear your wedding ring for the whoring today because that would have made it waaaaaaaay easier for your husband and his buddies to recognize you. Smart thinking on your part and after the clothes come off we get the first glimpse of what a beautiful pussy you have and it’s hard to believe 3 small humans came out of there. I’ll admit you have nice holes and Tyler wasted little time before giving you the tongue-lashing your cheating husband deserves. He also licked your asshole, which you stated you absolutely love to have your husband do, but rarely does, and I’m betting he’s going to want you even more now that he knows you have options. Go girl power, and “get yours” girl because Tyler gave you your first Orgasm of the day at (16:41) and it was a squirting O. Boy is he going to be jealous watching you stroke Tyler’s stiff cock as he pinches your pierced nipples and tortures your clit with the Magic Wand before inserting his finger up your asshole to induce orgasm #2 at (19:11). Oh boy you’re getting that cheating hubby good all right, and what better way to make him jealous than to suck a really good looking guys cock and show him what you can do with the mouth you’re going to kiss him with when you say you’re really, really, really, sorry baby. Make sure you say it three times also because guys are generally dumb and we usually need things repeated three time to understand them. That’s why strip clubs always say Girls/Girls/Girls, because says “Girls” only once wouldn’t be enough to explain things, obviously. Just tell him it was an accident that Tyler Face Fucked your open mouth and made you have another orgasm at (21:43) as you sucked and sucked and sucked him off for dear life because it’s obvious you’re only doing this to prove a point. And trust me, woman are good at justifying their bad behavior and at some point in their lives all women will use this warped logic and understanding to justify their actions. Just remember, two wrongs don’t make a right. They only make for hot steamy porn that we all get to masturbate to while you explain to your hubby that you weren’t really enjoying it that much, explaining and pleading to him that Tyler’s cock isn’t that much bigger than his puny penis that only looks like Tyler’s, but is only much much smaller. Now what kind of Revenge Sex would this be if there wasn’t a bunch or Hair Pulling and Choking of our scorned mother of three while Tyler destroys her love hole and makes her reluctantly Orgasm for a fourth time only because her husband unknowingly made her do this. Bastard, and I’m sure Lizzie was thinking of him the entire time Tyler was fucking her in Side Spoon and Missionary positions until decision reaffirming Orgasm #5 pulsed through her body at (35:21) followed immediately by intense Face Fucking in Superman Position; and with Lizzie’s butthole puckering in and out at (35:46) she confirmed to herself she was being used in the right way to get back at him. Now if all this wasn’t going to make cheating hubby realize his mistakes and that he should take his high school sweetheart and true love back immediately, than what happened at (39:58) and (57:07) will most certainly right all past wrongs I’ll bet. Because nothing says you were more in the wrong than to have to watch your wife lick another man’s hairy asshole. A complete strangers hairy asshole mind you, who she just met in fact and is literally being paid to perform sexual favors to. Some might call this Pros*%#@ion, but because we have lights and cameras rolling and everyone signs release forms, we get to call it art and it’s protected under this great country’s constitution. God Bless America!!! And with that we sent Lizzie home to explain why a paid fully clothed modeling shoot, which is what she told her husband she was doing by the way, put such a big smile on her face and now she forgives him for fucking her best friend from church and they all lived happily ever after. THE END. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together and everything works out.
Orgasm Count Total – 10 (16:41, 19:11, 21:43, 28:04, 35:16, 38:35, 47:53, 55:38, 56:30, 1:08:49)
P.S. Oh, and we find out that Tyler’s only the second guy she’s ever fucked! That’s right, cheating hubby was her high school sweetheart that she married just 2 weeks after turning 18 and she told us that soon after was barefoot and pregnant living down by the river. To bad Jerry Springer passed away recently because these two would have been interesting to watch with high ratings on his show I bet. But as a backup, I just love True Romance and Fairytale Love Stories that could inspire a made for cable, Holiday Christmas Special movie don’t you? Well it’s just a hunch but something tells me these two are going to make it and be just fine. The End, and this time for real everyone. So until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell.

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