[HotMILFsFuck] Ally (For The Right Price, I’m Not Cheep / 09.07.2023)

Get ready everyone for a rollercoaster ride down and around, up and inside out today because today’s hot Milf is a ball of energy that needed to be let lose. I’m not kidding, and the sheer love and passion for Sex is off the charts with this one. I don’t even know were to begin because I was just riveted to her interview and stories of her first sexual encounters while as a young girl in a cartoon chat room. Trust me, it’s interesting and her fascination with sex has not diminished one single iota since before puberty. Now I’ll admit that Tyler gave her a run for her money and even said it was the best Sex of her life but everything about this woman oozes Sex and her absolutely fantastic outlook and love of life. She loves everything and if you just call her a “Good Girl” she’s putty in your hands. Well Tyler had his way with her all day and things really started to intensify at (22:35) as Tyler Face Fucks our Good Girl and you can watch her Pussy Lips pulse and flare with each thrust of Tyler’s Stiff Cock inched down her throat. Hot, I know and when Tyler stated she doesn’t have a Gag Reflex she replied, and I’m Quoting here. “Got rid of that in high school,” said with a devilish smile at (22:45). Fuuuuuuuck, I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose honey and I’ll admit, I prefer my women a little on the trash side and Ally fits that bill To-A-Tee. This girl is awesome and knows how to Fuck and really you just have to watch for yourself because the Sex between these two was passionate yet nasty, intense but soft, rough yet eerily tranquil at the same time. You see Ally kept encouraging Tyler to show her a good time and you don’t need to tempt Tyler with a good time. Because a good time was had by all today so get watching and enjoy.
Orgasm Count Total – 7 (25:35, 32:14, 33:23, 43:00, 43:32, 50:19, 1:08:10)
P.S. So I’ll leave you all with some classic Quotes and interactions between Tyler and our Little Walking Hormone Nymphomaniac: Open Up and Say Ahhhhh (22:20), I’ve Never Cum This Much (33:02), This is the Best Sex I Have Ever Had (33:58), Make Me Cum Again and You’re A God (1:01:41)
P.P.S. Oh just one more and I’m not judging here, just quoting: Tyler – “Are you are Hooker?” Ally – “Yes, but I’m not cheep” (8:40). Like I said, what a fun woman and with this and that I bid you all farewell.

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