[HotMILFsFuck] Addyson (Anal – I’ve Learned To Like It / 09.07.2023)

If you haven’t seen today’s returning Hot Milf and Top Rated Addyson in her debut First Sex on Camera right her entitled: “Sometimes I Just Need To Be Railed Hard” then where have you been? It’s Top Rated for a reason and this Analing from Tyler Nixon is just awesome. Look at the tags because this girl is naughty in all right ways and this special type of naughty will land you girl on Santa’s naughty list for sure. Let me start off by saying Ass To Mouth happened at (40:08) and you don’t get any naughtier than that because Addyson loves Sex. She’s built for it and just loves to have her holes violated by that special and particular someone. She also likes Girls and we have another special something planned and in the works which will be revealed in the coming months so stay tuned for that, but lets discuss today’s shenanigans shall we? They’re fucking awesome and really I don’t think I would be able to do it justice in words and again look at the orgasm count. That should tell you something so go enjoy the all out assault on Addyson’s orifices. Good times were had by all and I’m quoting Addyson here: “I Just Went To Outer Space” at (1:11:32) and “I Fuck Like A Rabbit” at (1:19:46). Cheers!
Orgasm Count Total – 10 (12:14, 19:50, 28:16, 28:59, 30:06, 48:52, 54:43, 59:58, 1:04:10, 1:05:26)
P.S. I also reedited Addyson’s boy/girl shower scene and removed the Peephole effect. It will be put up sometime in the next few days and it’s obvious that some ideas are just shit and that idea was most definitely shit. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say so with that I’ll say cheers everyone and I bid you all farewell.

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