[HotMILFsFuck] Abbey James (05.16.2021)

We’ve been holding onto this gem for a while now and like a fine wine Abbey James tastes better with time. So we find out that Abbey’s a hard working girl that works 2 jobs and has kids at home. A true MILF by definition and we understand now why she’s been pondering the idea of making a porno for the past 10 years. Yeah a decade is a long time to think about it and now that you’ve decided to dive head first into the deep end of the Porn Pool, Jay our resident stud will surely take care of you. I have a feeling today though will be much better than how the resident doctor at the hospital you work at took care of you. Yes Abbey’s a nurse and she likes to push the sexual envelope a bit and is turned on by risky sex and the thought of getting caught. Who isn’t right, but Abbey’s a recently released sexual cougar now who’s not afraid to show her stripes and explore the pleasures of the flesh now that she’s been shown the wonders of what a true Orgasm is. You see Abbey fell victim to the “I’m a pleaser” trap of only focusing on her partner for the first 5 years of high school and she explains that she thought she new what an orgasm was. Well surprise surprise when she actually had one years later and it actually brought her to tears. Well today Jay will bring you to your knees and give your vagina and that pretty mouth of your all the attention it deserves ending it with a glorious creampie that Abbey samples to see how well Jay and her taste together. We love this woman and I hope you all do as well.

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