[GirlsOnlyPorn] Simon Kitty, Zlata Shine (Its Always So Good / 09.07.2023)

Simon Kitty leaves her bedroom wearing ylow lingerie and a sheer white robe. The robe slides from her shoulders as she faces off with her girlfriend, Zlata Shine. Zlata, who has been lounging in bed, removes her robe as well to unveil some sheer lingerie of her own. It’s clear that these two babes are about to have a very good afternoon. Zlata is the first to break away from the kissing to dip her head lower. Popping Simon’s big boobs out of her bra, Zlata licks and sucks the nipples to hard peaks. When Zlata pulls back, Simon is quick to give her girlfriend’s tits the same treatment. Easing Zlata onto her back, Simon drops to her belly between her lover’s thighs. She tugs Zlata’s thong aside and then dives in tongue first. Licking and probing with her stiff tongue tip, she keeps it up until Zlata is mewling in delight. For her part, Zlata rocks her hips in time to Simon’s tongue thrusts. When Zlata has had her first big O, she gets Simon on her knees to deliver the same treatment to her girlfriend. Rolling her panties down Simon’s thighs, Zlata licks and suck the meaty delight of Simon’s snatch. She keeps going, driving her tongue in and out, until Simon is gasping with her face against the bed. The girls take turns cradling each other in their arms next. Zlata takes the first turn, cuddling Simon close and reaching her hand down to finger fuck Simon’s puss. Then Simon swaps out, sitting up with her blonde love coming apart courtesy of her magic fingers. Still not totally sated, the girls come together for one last mutual push to cum. On her back, Zlata welcomes Simon sitting on her face. The position lets Simon lean forward to complete the lesbian 69, the perfect way to ensure mutual satisfaction from their lovemaking as they bring each other off one final time.

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