[Fit18] Lia Lin (Tall Exotic Fashion Model Didn’t Pay Her Gym Fees / 06.06.2023)

Lia has been going to my gym for a few months and she’s been turning heads. The Brazilian-Russian-Filipino beauty is an aspiring fashion model with runway looks and a killer body that’s also incredibly flexible. Everyone sneaks a glimpse whenever she bends down or stretches. It’s why I allowed her to keep coming into the gym despite not paying for six months. But I’m not running a free gym so I had to confront her about it. 6 months is not a lot of money, but she didn’t have it available so I somewhat jokingly suggested she let me touch her and she could finish her workout for the day. To my surprise, she accepted. My hands were ecstatic as they ran across her firm tummy and perfectly round ass. Testing things further, I suggest a blowjob would clear 1 month’s worth of membership. To my amazement, she accepted. While my cock was happy, my heart was leaping for job watching her head bob up and down my cock, stopping once in a while to look up at me with a smile. She’s clearly into it – and perhaps into me, so I went all the way and asked if I could fuck her to clear off everything, and if I could faint, I would have right there because she agreed. Wow. Pulling down her pants to see that pussy between those perfect butt cheeks got my dick so hard. I swear she wanted it as I entered her because her pussy was tight, but wet. We fucked and at one point, she showed off her flexibility by spreading her legs like she was doing the splits and riding my cock with her ass in my happy face. I was ready to cum and in my last amazement of the day, she grabbed my throbbing dick with both of her hands, double stroking me as she pointed the head of my cock towards her open mouth. Wow. Just wow.

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