[DickDrainers] Kendra Heart (My Assistant Need Her Ass Straightened Out! / 05.09.2022)

Things are busier than ever right now. More deals, more revenue, more opportuniies…more things to do. Issa lot. Which is why I have a assistant. Cuz in theory, a assistant is supposed to know what she doing and make my life easier. My assistant Kendra make life easier on the eyes…she a pretty bitch and she definitely got sum ass on her. But as far as actual assistant type stuff? She not makin my life easier at all. She always fuqn up. 2 weeks ago she forgot to book a hotel and the price went up $1,000. Last week she forgot to call back somebody very, very important and I almost missed out on a big ass deal. And now I’m sitting here waiting for her to get here with all my equipment so that we can catch this flight. Except the flight left a hour ago. That was the last flight out today. Which means that my entire trip gonna have to be pushed back. Because of my fuqn assistant Kendra. I’ve had it with this bitch. Soon as she get here she gettin fired. Ain’t nothin this bitch say gonna change my mind.

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