[AdultTimePilots] Reagan Foxx, Kendra James (It’s Different With Two Wome / 05.12.2022)

You are doing homework in your room when your loving stepmoms, Reagan Foxx and Kendra James, ask if they can come in. You nod, so your stepmoms enter the room and say that they want to have a talk with you. They’ve realized that school hasn’t done a great job teaching you about lesbian relationships, and that it’s still a common misconception that one person in a lesbian couple has to be the ‘man’ of the relationship. Reagan and Kendra explain that outdated gender roles are a problem, but also reassure you that there’s no need to be embarrassed for not knowing something – they’re here to help you understand… They kindly offer to answer any questions that you have. When the topic of making love comes up, your stepmoms know that you’re a visual learner, and they are happy to show you how it works for lesbians. While you watch, they give you a demonstration by tenderly kissing each other, then moving on to undressing, foreplay, and sex, all while patiently explaining to you how different and special it can be between two women. Isn’t it wonderful to learn from stepmoms who love you very much?

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